Capital Region Masters Cycling Club

The cycling club has changed it's name to the Capital region masters cycling club

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Started in 1993, the ACT Veterans Cycling Club was formed to cater specifically for veteran racing cyclists in the Canberra area. Veteran category for cycling is 35 and over for men and 30 and over for women. Road races are held throughout the year at a number of different venues in and around the A.C.T. Track races are run during the summer months at Queanbeyan Park. All competitors are graded or handicapped in relation to their performance and fitness and new members receive particular attention to ensure they race in a group compatible with their ability.

The club aims to promote friendly competition in cycle racing so that both newcomers and experienced riders in all age groups can enjoy this great sport in a safe and sociable environment. Further information regarding the club can be found on the About Us and Membership pages of this site.

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