The Rider Management System (RMS)

Bill Frost first developed the ACT Veterans Cycling Club. Peter McLennan took over the developers role for the RMS and the database served the club well.

A rider management system is being developed using a google application engine, with a Java front end. Data from the Microsoft Access based system developed by Bill Frost and Peter McLennan has been imported into the new web based application. Currently only the historical results are searchable.

The production RMS can be found at:

Future Plans

The plan is to have the full functionality of the RMS as a web based application, synchronising with the race day laptop. The web based app will have usernames with roles, eg, handicapper, memberships, webmaster, info, president and other roles as required. The development will be gradual, as time allows. Plan is to make the database a community, or communal job shared between people who are interested.

In late May 2010 Bill Frost, Stephen Wills, Graham Hendrie and Allan Bontjer meet and started sorting out the details of how to proceed with the project. Further information regarding the database, or if you would like to help please contact

What is a Google App Engine?

The RMS is now up and running

In June 2011 the club switched over to using the RMS for Events, Results and general rider management. Bugs and problems will be fixed over the next couple of months

Remembering Peter

Peter McLennan, well known and long time member of the ACTVCC died as a result of a boating accident on the Murray River on Thu 24th Dec 2009.

Development RMS

    • A development or sandbox environment for the RMS can be found at:

    • Here, new features will be tested before deployment to the production system.