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Road Racing

  • Race Calendar

  • Events in Rider Management System

  • Details of all events to be held are shown in the RMS under Future Events.

  • Road races are held throughout the year at various venues around Canberra. There are two distinct race seasons ie; winter and summer.

  • Winter season events are normally held on Saturday afternoons and summer season events on Sunday mornings.

  • If you want to view events in the future beyond the next ten then make sure to click on the box labelled "List All Future Events"

Road Racing - General Information

START TIMES Unless otherwise specified;

  • Winter Season road races on Saturday commence at 1:30 PM

  • Summer Season road races on Sunday commence at 8:00 AM. 9:00 AM starts may apply for remote venues. Refer to race program.

  • Summer Season criteriums on Tuesday commence at 5:40 PM (see the schedule for exact times)

  • Registration for race entry always closes 15 minutes prior to the race start time.

Track Racing

    • Narrabundah velodrome Track Racing see RMS for details

    • 5:30pm on Wednesday throughout the summer season

    • Contact:

    • Narrabundah velodrome , Kyemma Street (Off Goyder Street, Narrabundah), follow Kyemma Street to the end, through the Narrabundah Oval carpark, past the playing fields to Eastern end.

General Information

DISTANCES and times shown in the program are indicative only and may be changed by the Race Committee.

RACE FEE Unless otherwise specified, there is a $5 entry fee for all races. Fee must be paid when registering to ride.

LICENCE Riders without a current AVCC licence will not be permitted to start unless they are a Bona-fide visitor. Persons who have not raced before, are allowed to have one race as a trial member before paying club membership fees.

Race Venues and Maps

Details of the course for each event are linked from the race venue info above. Location of all venues in and around Canberra can be found at Race Venues and Maps.

Non Club Events

Other cycle events that may of interest to club members but are not part of the club's racing calendar are listed hereunder (when applicable). The ACTVCC race committee is not directly involved with these events and has no responsibility for their planning or organisation.

Guidelines for Race Referees

A Race Referee is appointed for each event. The Referee is the main point of contact for all matters concerning the race. Responsibilities include organising race marshals and other volunteers, ensuring the requisite safety standards are met and recording details of all participants together with their start / finish times and placings. A comprehensive guide for all tasks performed on race days by the Race Referee and other volunteers is contained in Guidelines The following is a list of contents of the Guide:-

  • Key Contacts and Quick Checklist

  • Police Conditions for N.S.W. Venues

  • Detailed Guidelines for Directors

  • Timing the Race

  • Marshals Duties

  • Starters Briefing Sheet

  • Presentation Notes

  • Emergency Procedures

Assistance at Races

Volunteers to assist at races are always required. If you do not intend to race, come along anyway and offer your services. This will help to ensure the success and safety of all our events. All members are urged to volunteer for race marshal duty or as race director for at least one or two events through the year. Doing so will gain members points towards their tally in the Point Score (max 3 times a race season).

If you wish to volunteer as a race marshal for any of the events listed in the race program, please contact the assigned Race Director for that day and advise your availability as soon as possible prior to race day. Email contact, where applicable, is linked (or shown) to the name of the race director for each event in the Race Program.

Stromlo Criteriums - Race Referee Information

During the summer months races are held at the Stromlo Criterium circuit on a Tue evening each week. Information for Race Referee for these events is at STROMLO CRITERIUM – RACE NOTES

Copies of Sign On / Results sheets are kept in the two drawer filing cabinet in the the storage shed at Stromlo or download at CRIT SIGN ON RESULTS SHEET

Race Numbers

Each member is issued with an individual number that is to be be worn when competing in all club races. The allocated number will be valid for a period one year. Members will retain their number but must ensure they bring with them on race days. The race number is to worn on the left hip and must be clearly visible to race officials. Numbers must not be obscured during a race eg; by rain jackets. Riders whose number cannot be seen, particularly at the finish line, might not be identified and thus be listed as a DNF. Apart from placings in a race, accurate recording by number is also important to ensure all competitors are accounted for and have returned safely.

For the current list of numbers allocated to members see ACTVCC RMS

Grading and Handicapping

The groups of riders in a scratch race are divided by grade. Depending on the number of starters, the groups for a handicap race are usually divided by grade and sub grade. It should be noted that some members may have different grade for criterium events. For the current grade (and sub grade) designation for each member;


If you have not been riding regularly, and or have concerns about your grading or handicap, please speak to one of the Handicappers: If you want to move down a grade, send an email to by cob Thursday. If you don’t receive a response by cob Friday, give them a call to sort it out. See contacts. Alternatively, if you want to ride up a grade it is generally OK to request your intention on race day.

Race Rules

The ACT Veterans Cycling Club is affiliated with the Australian Veteran Cycling Council (AVCC). The rules with which all club members are expected to comply during races are those prescribed by the AVCC. Helmets must be worn by all participants in club races. Helmets must be approved in accordance with Aust/NZ Standard 2063 and have sticker attached indicating they comply with these standrads.

In addition, instructions may be announced by officials prior to a race concerning local conditions or safety issues. Riders must observe any such instructions. It should also be understood that although the club receives approval to compete on public roads, we do not race under closed road conditions. We are not entitled to impede traffic flow and all competitors should be courteous and considerate to other road users. Failure to do so will reflect badly on our club and cyclists in general. It might also result in complaints that could jepodise the approval of future race programs for both the ACTVCC and other local cycling clubs. For the current AVCC rules;

see Race Rules.

Finish Line Procedures

After finishing a race do not double back and cross the line again while warming down or to go and watch others finish. With up to 100 riders it is difficult enough for the judges to keep track of everyone without the confusion of duplicate placings. Crossing the line more than once could mean your time and postion will be recorded as the latter of the two. If you need to warm down do it well beyond the finish line.

Persons who DNF should avoid crossing the line with a big bunch of riders. If necessary drop back some distance, give the finishing group room to manouevre and cross the line on your own, indicatiing to the marshals that you are a DNF.

Claiming Prizes

Trophies, medals and prize money are awarded at relevant Trophy and Sweepstake events. The Club's Policy on Prizes is that you should be present to claim them. This is to encourage all competitors to stay on and "share the moment" when the results are announced. The other reason is that trying to award prizes that are still unclaimed weeks after the event is a little UNDERWHELMING for all concerned. Having said this, while we try to have results on the day, sometimes this just can not be done. Obviously in those circumstances the award ceremony will take place the next week. If you can not be present to collect a prize, please ask someone to do it on your behalf.

Point Score

Points are awarded to each competitor in a race. They are also given for members acting as officials and marshals on race days. Point Score Trophies are presented at end of each race season. For an explanation of how points are awarded;

see Points Allocation.

The current season Point Score can be found on the RMS.

Refreshments are always available for club members free of charge after winter season road races. Tea and coffee is provided at club expense. Eats are kindly contributed by club members on the day. To spread the load on providing these 'eat treats' members are requested to bring a plate; cake, biscuits etc in the month of their birthday.