Cole Family Trophy - Secret Handicap – 2nd August 2014

What a great day for a bike race! Given the diabolical weather the day before, riders were lucky to have sunny, still conditions for a great hit-out on Dog Trap Road for the Cole Family Handicap, which has been held every year since 1994. Let me start by saying thanks for the marshals who I think I omitted to mention in my post race announcements. We had Ian McVay on the bottom turn, Michael McGurgan on the top turn, Richard Gorrell as race starter and lead car, jet-lagged Ben Davis in the trail car and Angie Wren and Alex O'Shea in the finish chute.

The tactics of the secret handicap are to hang onto the higher graded riders while at the same time getting rid of the leeches from the lower grades. Usually A grade blast up the hill and by the time they've returned to the start there are no remnants of the other grades in the top bunch. Today was different and the A graders were happy to do the work for a large pack that even included C graders. Gradually, the lead bunch was whittled down to four and in the charge for the line it was Marc Vroomans who outsprinted Peter Marshall and Paul Scherl. Marc's fastest time for the day was well down on what A grade did for the same race in May, thereby cementing this grade well down the results sheet.

Although many riders concealed their numbers, Henry and chute folks managed to get the placings sorted so we now had our results for the day. Please clearly display your numbers in all races. Despite a recent bereavement, ACT cycling stalwart Barry Cole was on hand to present the medals, while defending champions jet-lagged Rosemary Robinson and Richard Gorrell tearfully gave away the women's and men's perpetual trophies.

Women's placings were:

1. Lynne Prentice

2. Sue Powell

3. Kirsty McVay

Lynne Prentice, Barry Cole, Rosemary Robinson (previous trophy holder), Sue Powell, Kirsty McVay

Men's placings were:

1. Cameron Ermert

2. Don Mankewich/Elton Ivers

3. Craig Kentwell

Craig Kentwell, Cameron Ermert, Don Mankewich, Barry Cole, Elton Ivers

Thanks to Robert Langridge for race refereeing.