Club Clothing

Club Clothing

The club has a supply of outfits for sale. These are good quality and the price is very reasonable when compared to similar items from retail outlets. A range of sizes are available but you will need to try items on before purchasing.

Contact Linda Stals at for size availability or to place an order.

Prices may change. Please confirm when enquiring about availablity.

As of Oct 2010 a new batch of gear has been acquired. This clothing is from TriplePlay which is much better quality that the previous lot. Looks good, is very comfortable and sizes are more realistic for the average vet wearer. Basically the same as pics below but a slight colour change has been made to improve visibility.

    • Short Sleeve Jersey $90.00

    • Vests $80.00

    • Bib Knicks $145.00

    • Regular knicks $130

A few items of the old stock are still available at bargin prices. Check with Linda regarding sizes and cost.