Membership is open to men, 35 years of age and over, and women 30 years of age and over. However, persons may join and race at any time within the calendar year that they attain the requisite age. The ACT Veterans Cycling Club is affiliated with the Australian Veteran Cycling Council (AVCC). This allows financial members to participate in any AVCC sanctioned event which includes races at all AVCC affiliated clubs. Please note that an AVCC licence does not give members access to events run by clubs affiliated with Cycling Australia.

One trial ride is permitted prior to joining the club. Any person who has been a member previously, or been a member of any AVCC affiliated club, is not eligible for a trial ride and must join the club before being allowed to race. This is part of the agreement with the insurer.

2016 FEES

An annual membership fee covering affiliation to the Australian Veteran Cycling Council, insurance and a club fee is charged each calendar year.

  • A full competitive membership for 2017 is $110

  • A full competitive membership for a sight impaired tandem cyclist for 2016 is $95

  • Non competitive membership for 2017 is $5

The only other cost is a race entry fee of $5 for all races, including track, criterium and road races. This fee is paid when registering on race day.

Membership is valid for a full calendar year and must be paid prior to participating in any race in that year. Membership fees are reviewed each year and adjusted if necessary.


  • Renewals for 2017 are due on 31 December or before your first race in 2017. However it does help considerably if members renew at least 3 days before their first race in 2017. There is no guarantee that new members who join the club just hours before a race can expect to compete on that day.

    • All memberships, both new and renewing are to be done online

  • When using the following link, only new members, who have not previously joined the club via SportsTG should only select 'New Registration". All renewing members must login in as renewing member.

  • The membership year for new members who join after 1 October 2016 will not expire until 31 December 2017

New and Renewing Membership Application for 2017

Please note:

    • Payment for membership by cash, cheque or EFT is no longer available.

  • Every endeavour will be made to download payment information into our race management system before race days but sometimes this may not be possible. Therefore, if a renewing member pays online just before race day then proof of payment must be produced at registration before being allowed to enter the race to ensure that insurance cover has been activated. Your payment activates an email from IMG with membership payment details. But there is no guarantee that new members will be able to race as time must be allowed to allocate and provide the appropriate race number.

A permanent race number will be issued to all new members to wear at all races. Club information sheet will be mailed to new members as soon as possible after online registration and payment. Your licence will be attached to your receipt from SportsTG. Members should print a copy of the licence.

Should you have any questions about payment of memberships please email