Track – 11th January

Post date: Jan 16, 2017 8:12:53 PM

The attendance for Session 12 of the track racing season was below par, particularly in A grade. The extremely hot and windy weather may have put a few riders off racing. However, the evening cooled off over the session and was more tolerable than expected. As usual, the wind also moderated.

The 10-lap A grade scratch race started at a solid pace. The small pack held together for most of the race. On lap 8, Michael Langdon cranked up the pace with a feeler attack. Ben Davis and Alec Millet quickly closed the small gap. A full, furious attack from Michael Langdon came on the bell lap. Alec Millett and Rowan McMurray responded and stuck on Michael’s wheel as he surged around the final bend. Alec Millett showed great form out sprint Michael as the finish line approached. Rowan McMurray held on for a close third.

In B grade, the pack remained consolidated for 8 laps. Matt Morgan attacked early and cranked up the pace with 2 laps remaining. Matt pushed on with a gutsy challenge and somehow managed to hold out the pursuing pack for the whole 2 laps. Tony Beasley and Phil Anderson rode well to take second and third placing.

The second event of the evening was the 200 Fly, a 200 metre time trial from a flying start. This is a fun event, though quite technical. It requires just the right preparation, line and acceleration into the timed section. All A grade times were within a one second spread with Michael Langdon going just under 13 second for the best time. Alec Millett and Ben Davis set the second and third best times. In B grade, Matt Morgan stood out with a time within the A grade limits. Congratulations to John Lowe, who has just started track racing, for setting the second fastest time in B grade. Ross Scutts set the third best B grade time.

The evening’s third event was a mystery race. In this event the bell lap is called at random after a nominal number of laps (four in this case). In A grade, the bell went on lap 6 with the whole pack consolidated. Alec Millet and Michael Langdon surged out of the pack with Alec showing great form for his second win of the night. Michael took second with Ben Davis sprinting well for the third spot. In B grade, the bell came on Lap 5 as the pack accelerated in response an attack by Tony Beasley. Tony rode well to take the win, followed by Phil Anderson and Matt Morgan, in that order.

The final event was an all-in Italian Pursuit. There were six pursuit riders on each team. Both teams started well. The initial laps were close. However, by mid race Team 1 had a small advantage that was built on lap by lap. Michael Langdon put in a great final lap for Team 2. However, with Alec Millett in such good form, there was no way to peg back the gain already made by Team 1. Alec rode on for a comfortable win by Team 1.

Major place getters were as follows:

10-Lap Scratch: (A Grade): Alec Millett, Michael Langdon, Rowan McMurray (B Grade) Matt Morgan, Tony Beasley, Phil Anderson

200 metre Fly: (A Grade): Michael Langdon (12.94s), Alec Millett (13.14s), Ben Davis (13.87s) B Grade Matt Morgan (13.93s), John Lowe (14.26s). Ross Scutts (14.28s)

Mystery Race: (A Grade): Alec Millett, Michael Langdon, Ben Davis (B Grade) Tony Beasley, Phil Anderson, Matt Morgan

Combined Italian Pursuit: Winner Team 1 (Ben Davis, Alec Millett, Martin Graham, Tony Beasley, Steve Hirsler, John Lowe)

Current Points Score Leaders: Michael Langdon (192), Alec Millett (175), Phil Anderson (174), Ross Scutts (170), Steve Jones (166), Steve Hirsler (130) Tony Beasley (128), Graeme O’Neill (112)

Graeme O'Neill