Race Descriptions


This is the simplest type of track cycling event. Racers start in a group, race a set number of laps and the first rider across the line wins.


Point score

Riders must score points by sprinting for intermittent sprints every 5 laps for bonuses (5, 3, 2, 1 points). Lapping the field scores a bonus 20 points, consequently losing a lap to the field scores -20 points. Winner of the race is the rider with the most points.


A Wheelrace is a handicap event open to a wide range of riders. The race distance is typically 1000-2000 metres. Riders start from a variety of positions around the track, with their handicap (or position) based on current grading and past performances. The top riders start from the 'scratch mark' - which is the absolute race distance - but they are sometimes over 200 metres behind the first riders who have that much less distance to travel. The scratch riders - normally top professionals - are the only competitors who have to cover the entire race distance. reference www.cyclingnews.com


Italian Pursuit

This team event combines riders of all standards to form two teams at opposite sides of the track. Team captains organise their team so as the slowest riders are at the front of the train. After the end of each lap, the leading rider pulls off completely, leaving the next to fight the wind. Therefore, the first rider has to do one lap, the second, two laps, and the last rider completes as many laps as in his/her team. Hence, the last rider typically has the best endurance. The pace of this race is continuously building and lead often changes hands between the opposing teams, until the final two riders are left to decide the race. If the handicapper does a good job this can be without a doubt one of the most exciting races as the excitement builds with the pace.


Sprints are usually run as 4-6 ups over 3-4 laps the first few laps are usually spent sizing your opponents up and positioning yourself for the optimum explosion to the finish. It is not uncommon for a sneaky rider to attack early in the hope of holding a lead to the finish. The sprint is a test of power, speed and above all, tactics.

Winners Race

The race is over 16 laps. There is a sprint with 13laps to-go, the winner of this sprint qualifies for the final sprint, however he/she must continue to race, keeping a close eye on the winners of the sprints with 10, 7 and 4 Laps to go. Each of these riders also qualify for the final sprint. With 4 laps to go all non-qualifying riders must withdraw from the race. leaving a 4 up sprint to decide the final placing. You can work out all the tactics on this one.


The keirin is a motorpaced event that is very popular in Japan where it originated. In that country, huge amounts of money are bet on races and professional keirin riders command impressive salaries. It is similar to the match sprint, but features 6-8 riders on the track. A derny motorbike paces the riders from 25 km/h up to 45 km/h for the first few laps. During this time, riders jostle each other for the best position and this is often the roughest part of the event. With two and a half laps to go, the derny bike pulls off and the sprint is on. Team tactics are important here, as the leadout is often quite long. If one team can get two of their riders in the final, then they are at a distinct advantage. reference www.cyclingnews.com

1 lap Screamers- Riders draw lots to start in position 1-4 up the track. The riders start in a Time trial hold (No-Push) for whistle start. First one back wins. Easy


Some times called a progressive point-score. The race is run similar to a point score-however each lap is a sprint for first place only with the points earned corresponding to the laps completed i.e. the winner of the first sprint gets 1 point winner of the 10th sprint gets 10points. The overall winner is the rider with the most points.


This is a standard scratch race however the number of laps is predetermined by the organiser and concealed. The riders are given a whistle with 1 lap to go.


The race is run similar to a point score-however each lap is a sprint for first place only and worth one point. The overall winner is the rider with the most points.

Poker Race

ran on the same rules as the Point'a'Lap race however, instead of earning points you earn cards. On your first lap win you a card, on any additional point won you receive an extra card. The winner of the race is the rider who has the highest ranked card Ace Hearts being the highest and 2 of Spades the lowest. Don't worry you don't have to carry the cards with you, we keep them on the desk.

Win’N’ Out

This is the opposite of a Miss’N’Out race. After a designated number of laps a whistle is blown for the first sprint. The winner of the first sprint is deemed the winner of the race and allowed to carefully withdraw from the race. Each proceeding lap sprint will produce the consecutive places from 2nd to 4th. Tip if you go for a sprint make sure you win it.

Team Derny

This is the same as a derny race where-by the dernies are replaced by a teammate. The team derny leads the rider for the entire race to try and toe his/her rider to the win. Riders are not allowed to pass there derny.

Pass’N’Out Wheel-Race

This is a handicap over a distance of 2km whereby riders start at 20m intervals. If a rider is passed they are immediately eliminated from the race. The result will be determined by either; riders across the line after 2km or by last riders t be eliminated.

Time blaster

How it works; The Event is ran as a timed scratch race over 20 laps. The bunch rolls round for 1 lap and are given a whistle to indicate the start of the stop watch and 30 Laps to go! Generally the pace is high from the start with all riders rolling through to do a turn.