Narrabundah Velodrome

Post date: Jan 22, 2012 9:28:7 PM

Hi All

Narrabundah Velodrome - Kyemma Street (Off Goyder Street, Narrabundah), follow Kyemma Street to the end, through the Narrabundah Oval carpark, past the playing fields to Eastern end

Narrabundah Velodrome location Map

The velodrome is restricted to track bikes only

Narrabundah track rules/conventions

The velodrome has unique transitions between the straights and corners, thus some rules at the track are different from other tracks you may experience.

    • Slower riders at the bottom, due to the steepness of the banking (different to most tracks).

    • During club training hours, ALL riders must enter and exit the velodrome on foot, and start and finish at the bottom on the home straight.

    • Head check before changing your line. Check left for the long-distance view (important in training), check under your right arm, check over your right shoulder (a coach can explain this to you if you require clarification).

    • Look out for other riders, especially when there are riders of different ability around. When passing in training, shout 'Stick' or 'Stay' (loudly enough for them to hear you). This will let them know you are about to overtake them and that they must 'hold their line'.

    • If you see a snake on or near the track (there are some in residence) let others know its location. Do not harass the snake or otherwise excite it. If it is near the track ride high (it cannot climb the banking).

    • There is no track if it is raining or wet. If the dots of rain have joined together, then you need to be off the track NOW.