Track Results Christmas Handicap 2011-12 Season

Post date: Dec 15, 2011 11:12:36 PM

Two people will have their names etched onto the ACT Veterans Cycling Club Trophy for the 2011-12 Season Christmas Handicap

The wheelrace was run over 4 laps, instead of the normal 2 for normal season wheelraces.

Rob Landridge won the roadies race from a mark of 90 metres, which Reinhard Mauch second, having to make up the full 90 on Rob. Paul Ledbrook a new rider took out third, doing a lot of hard work off 60 metres

Ray Gorell won the track version, sprinting powerfully out of a large bunch who were just holding off Steve Jones (scratch) and Jim Davey who rode well off a big mark of 220 metres

Track will start up again in 2012 on the second Thursday of January, so put Thursday, 12 January in your diary

Full results of the night can be found at

The season points score can be found on the RMS